The Divo family of penis products are meant to be tools for modern penis enlargement (available since 2010). Penis enlargement tools of the past are penis vacuum pumps, elastic stretchers, metal extenders and weights, which have proved to be both dangerous and uncomfortable, as well as inefficient. Those mentioned were not used at all in my penis enlargement endeavors, including penis pills.

I am a big supporter of injectable vasodilators and growth elements, and believe that a broad, multifaceted strategy is necessary for a successful, beautiful enlargement. This means using mechanical, topical and injectable interventions.

Join in the Fun of Penis Enlargement With The Divo Product Line!

With the exception of the Divosleeve (microwaveable shaft compression weight, no longer available), the Divo penis products are designed for 24 hour wear. Lightweight and minimal profile, Divo products provide comfortable elongation in any position (standing, sitting or lying down)using all-around compression. Compression sportswear have been proven to be beneficial to athletes, and the principles have been translated to the penis to create the Divosock now called the Spandex Divosuits (custom-cut shaft compression-wear).

The psychology of wearing the Divocup and Divosuit at all times is complex: increased confidence because the penis is never allowed to shrink, to nervousness in public, because we worry that our bulge will show. Unfortunately, penis enlargement causes observers to become crotch-watchers, which can invite unwanted attention. But with proper wardrobe choices (IE. loose pants), we divocuppers can easily hide our secret until we are feeling a little exhibitionist.As confidence builds, we become proud to sport a beautiful, crowd-pleasing bulge or (for those who just don't care what people think!) a visible penis line going down one leg.

Nothing screams "Masculine" like a well-defined penis bulge. And a flat crotch is so politically correct! I firmly believe that unconsciously (or subconsciously), men with nice crotches that show a hidden massive sex-organ get better treatment, or people being kinder and flirtier (is that a word?).

Growing the penis takes time, so a lifestyle change is often necessary for success (nothing drastic, of course, just dressing a little differently to accommodate a larger penis like loose low crotches). The Divo products are constantly being tested and improved or removed, which is why products are sometimes referred to as prototypes.

The penis come in all shapes and sizes, as well as a full spectrum of foreskin lengths, so not all products will work the same way for all. Fortunately the low price of the products allow a great deal of experimentation, and customer support ( or text message at 514-817-1169) is usually quick should a question/concern arise.

Thank you and enjoy your visit!


Ronielle Buduhan
Penis Tinkerer

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tan Color Sold Out, New Superman Blue DIvosuits Available

Without a doubt, the tan color of divosuits sold out fast, and my supplier already knows that I need more. In the mean time, my next new hot color is a nice, rich royal blue spandex, which reminds me instantly of our famous superhero.

Just to let you know that you should double-check your orders to make sure you select a color and size, or I will write back to you for the selection (which may delay processing).

Thank you so much for your ongoing support, I really appreciate it!